PDP Door Is Open To Intending Returning Members – Makarfi

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The outgoing interim national chairman of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, Sen Ahmed Makarfi, has appealed to the incoming leadership of the party to ensure that PDP’s doors remain wide open for both returnees and new members.

Makarfi, who stressed that vibrant, decent and patriotic opposition was required to develop and mature Nigeria democracy, also knocked the APC-led federal government for failing to meet the yearnings of Nigeria.

Speaking on the need for opening doors to new members, he said this was imperative to ensure that they were not disadvantaged in any way, “just as it is also imperative that the loyalty, sacrifices, commitment and dedication of those who stuck with the party through thick and thin were not denigrated in any way.

“A level playing field must be availed all members so that we avoid a situation in which we create many other problems while trying to solve one.

“In words and actions, we must continuously assure and reassure members that loyalty to the party does, indeed pay and is rewarded. It is not out of place for me to advise the incoming leadership to focus, among others, on evolving ways that would facilitate greater involvement of women and youths in both politics and governance,” he said.

Makarfi said that inspite of all the challenges encountered by his committee, they were able to record some achievements.

Some of the challenges according to him include litigation and inadequate finance as all but one of the bank accounts inherited by the committee was garnisheed by various court judgements.

He said “The only bank account we have had access to these past 18 months is one that had less than two million naira.”

He said that in spite of all constraints, the committee was able to lay a good foundation for the repositioning of the PDP, turning it into the beautiful bride coveted by all discerning politicians.



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