Jonathan Extols PDP

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Former President Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday said the persecution of members of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, (PDP) will soon end.

Jonathan who stated this at the national convention ground of the Party, added that the war against corruption is war against opponents of government.

He however advised those he described as victims of the anti-corruption war to endure because it will not last forever.

He declared that the PDP is back to reclaim its rightful place in the affairs of the country, having emerged as reference point in the country’s democracy.

While speaking at the convention Jonathan said “As Nigeria’s foremost and largest political party, I believe that the PDP will remain at the forefront of leadership by example.  And I urge all members to remain committed, and to be prepared to work for the interest of our party and the country.

“Over the years, PDP has remained focused and resilient in building a strong democratic culture, despite the challenges we had faced. We have struggled to steady the ship and have regained enough composure to effectively become a strong voice of opposition, and resume the contest to return to office.

“There is no doubt that the PDP has again become the reference point as the nation moves close to another election season. Even those who had earlier written us off, can now attest to the fact that we have become resolute in growing our spread and strength. Many who left are already returning to our fold. Like a loving father, PDP is welcoming them all back with open arms.  We are one family, and what we feel is that satisfying sensation and renewed trust that follow family reunions.

“We should not forget that ours is a party with an enviable history and good records. Democracy is built on a tradition of established parties and principles. We have given Nigeria’s democracy a good push because we have been consistent in standing on our grounds and upholding our name, for almost two decades. We have never changed our name or our identity since the return of democracy in 1999.

“We should always celebrate the fact that the PDP introduced key policies that improved governance, enhanced welfare, boosted and stabilized the economy of our great country, and above all, gave our people hope.

“It is worth noting that this particular convention, by the number of candidates and robustness of the campaigns, has been remarkably different from our past conventions. The campaigns have set new records in our democracy.

“It was quite refreshing, exciting and commendable, the way candidates for various positions, toured all the states, to sell their promises to our members. Those campaigns shone like a burning flame that lit up the entire country, attracting the interest of majority of Nigerians.

“This shows that our party, the PDP, remains quite vibrant and viable. It shows that Nigerians still look up to the PDP as that strong party with a divine role to play in the affairs of our nation.”



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