PDP Attacks APC For Not Keeping To Campaign Promises

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By Chibuzo Ukaibe, Abuja

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday lampooned the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for not being compassionate to Nigerians by achieving at least 20% of its campaign promises.

Spokesman of the PDP, Prince Dayo Adeyeye, stated this in a statement yesterday while responding to what he called some frivolous claims credited to certain leaders of the APC that the party’s scorecard in 2019 will be that it cleared the PDP’s mess.

He noted that the APC’s minus zero score card cannot translate to confidence for winning elections, noting that the “APC is still stuck with its serial lies and blame game against the PDP since it assumed power more than two years ago.”

He said, “Nigerians are already embittered and will not have a repeat of it in 2019; and we join them to say it is enough.

“While we wait for the fizzling of this false Party, the APC in 2019, we want to pray it to show mercy on Nigerians by achieving at least 20% of its jumbo promises which are too numerous to mention.

“We wish to re-iterate that the so called ‘corruption war’ is already a failure as well as other facet of governance. Like it promised to defeat Boko Haram in two months but instead, the spate of bombings increased coupled with new wave of attacks on Nigerians, the herdsmen, agitations, etc’.

The major opposition party, however, commended the country’s military commands for the courage and sacrifices made in contending with the Boko Haram terrorists group. Chiding the governing APC further, PDP said, “”What about making N1 equal to $1 but on the contrary, the APC has beat Naira face flat on the ground. Also, it is to pay N5,000 to unemployed youths,  stop medical tourism abroad, stop fuel subsidy, among other failed promises. Nigerians know better now!

“To this end, let the APC led-Government be reminded that it is currently leading close to 6 straight quarters of economic depression (not recession) in the Country and we wonder why the empty boast from its leaders.

“In sum, the PDP administrations worked vigorously and executed sound policies, programmes and projects (not “body language”) towards achieving sustainability for Nigeria and Nigerians in environmental integrity, economic vitality, and social inclusion. The records are visible and accessible to corroborate our claim!”

PDP boasted that APC’s abysmal failure will turn out to be its scoring points in 2019 given that the remaining one year plus will make no difference to APC’s incompetence and crass ineptitude in political, democratic and public governance.

The statement continued: “In the light of the above, we promise to continue shielding the unsuspecting public from the APC’s sworn deception. On a second thought though, it appears Nigeria is being ruled by the APC from her status in 1983; otherwise, this plethora of lies against evidence-based achievements of the PDP in the entire sector wouldn’t have arisen.

“But we have deemed it fit to continue reminding Nigerians of our unparalleled achievements while in governance mainly, that of the immediate past Administration of H.E. Dr. GoodluckJonathan, GCFR. In line with Bo Bonneth, ‘For every reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth.

“We wish to specifically note one other outrageous claim by these leaders, that the APC has recorded huge success in the ‘Agricultural Sector’ – in crops such as: rice and grains; and for tubers like, cassava and yam by next year.”



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