Rev Frs Mbaka, Obimma Supremacy Battle Gets Messier As Followers Join Attacks

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The perceived battle between Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka of Adoration ministries Enugu, Nigeria and his counterpart, Rev Fr Obimma of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministries, Uke may have forced their members into the battle as followers of Obimma have replied a recent press statement by followers of Mbaka, attacking their priest (Obimma)

Recall that a news story on the internet weeks back credited to Father Obimma accused Mbaka of being fake and less relevant to Ndigbo than the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had been widely circulated.

In an earlier statement, followers of Mbaka had attacked Obimma, and accused him of being the fake priest among the two, insisting that he had secretly plotted the fall of Mbaka who they said has continued to wax stronger in his ministry despite secret attacks by Obimma.

This irked followers of Obimma called on Mbaka to rein in his followers as any further attack on Obimma would not be taken lightly. They insisted that Obimma could not have spoken ill of Mbaka who they insisted had respect for and always prayed for.

An official press release of followers of Obimma which was early today made available to news men in Awka and signed by Mr Ifeanyi Nwankwo on behalf of concerned Parishioners and Christian Faithful of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministries Uke, Anambra which is owned by Obimma, the group attacked Mbaka’s followers and accused them of not making efforts to verify if the statement attributed to Obimma insinuating that Mbaka was fake had truly emanated from him (Obimma).

Part of the release reads, “I am taking pains to put forward this statement as my heart bleeds at the level of mischief some people would go to put the Roman Catholic Church to scorn.

“First, we feel we owe it a duty to our conscience to the Church, to the very innocent Ebube Muonso and to the Holy Spirit to refute with all sense of dignity the callous, malicious and orchestra defamation that have continued to emanate from those who are bent on running themselves into self destruct.

“As a Catholic Christian with strong foundation of faith, we are taught never to defame or speak evil of a priest of God and we take it without doubt that Mr. Sam Ukam and his fellow travelers who claim to be followers of Fr Mbaka are rather agents of the devil who are bent over on unleashing the gate of hell on the Catholic Church.

“We make bold to say that Ebube Muonso has never at any time or place spoken ill of his revered brother priest, Fr. Mbaka. If anything, he has spoken glowingly with unquestionable reverence of Fr Mbaka whom he often refers as the Elijah of our time. His love and respect for Mbaka and other Catholic priests are evident in his routine closing prayer after every crusade where he prays for the progress of all the Catholic ministries in Nigeria including that of Mbaka. This fact is evident in all the adoration tapes and write ups.

“Your story of Ebube Muonso calling Mbaka non prophetic and comparing him to Nnamdi Kanu the IPOB leader is only a figment of your doomed imagination. Ebube Muonso for your information is too occupied with spiritual things and would not enter into the politics of love, hate, popularity or affluence with any of his brother priests.

“You equally spoke of Ebube Muonso being jealous and plotting the downfall of Mbaka , your assertions are only laughable because you need to step into Holy Ghost Adoration ground, Uke to feel the weight of this proven man of God and know that such will never come into contemplation. For your hollow mind, Ebube Muonso even with his very years in priesthood has attained an inestimable height.

“His spiritual achievements are so awe inspiring and no amount of sponsored blackmail can quench the blistering flame of faith he has ignited in the church today. Go to his parish and see the power of the Holy Spirit at work. Again I know he is too busy and plain minded to stoop to any kind of competition with any of his brother priest not to talk of Fr Mbaka a person he holds in high regards.”

He also added that allegations that Obimma who is popularly known as Ebube Muonso is copying Mbaka was laughable. He questioned what law made it a crime to copy virtues . He challenged Okam who had earlier spoken on behalf of Mbaka’s followers to back his claims of Obimma copying Mbaka as he had earlier threatened, referring to him as a ‘jobless God forsaken bigots who claim to attend Catholic ministry in Enugu and yet are bent on putting the church on ridicule’.

“There is no limit to your lies, Well I know that you people are the devils from the pit of hell because passive readers responded to your crazy posts as fake. Look at how you people have made a fool of yourselves and your pay masters. Though I know it’s an avenue for you and your pay masters to vent your age long frustration. Ebube Muonso is unstoppable and the fire in him unquenchable and has no time for demonic religious bigots like you all.”

He added that for record purposes, Obimma’s prophesies were never in doubt as all of them have all come to pass, including the hardship Nigerians would suffer as a result of the victory of President Buhari in the 2015 presidential election.

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  1. hmmmm! it’s paining me for the people that said they are GOD sent to fight against each others. is it the christ-like that we said we are? GOD pls help us and have mercy on us.


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