Governor Tambuwal In A Struggle Between Times

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Time is everything! It has defeated even the strongest people in history. Time is a certainty of a particular period that must come to pass. Just like the day must come to night, the night must certainly come today, it is a fixed routine. Over the years, we have seen how the world has been transiting, from a particular civilization to another and one generation to another.

There is no particular period in history where you will not find people divided on the issue of accepting the changes that comes with time and those who reject it. For instance, look at the classical example of the people of Prophet Moses and the great Pharaoh of Egypt. Despite the godly powers possessed by the Pharaoh at that time, he was still defeated with his people when the time was over.

However, by all indications, Sokoto State governor, Rt Hon Aminu Waziri Tambuwal has found himself in a transitional period. Here is a time when the youth have amassed so much intellectualism which has raised their political consciousness unlike any other period. It is a time when public interaction and sharing of information between one and many has been made a lot easier by the use of social media. The recent unprepared passage of the #Nottooyoungtorun bill by the National Assembly demonstrates the kind of wind that is blowing in the political sphere of Nigeria.

Consequently, there is a tug of war between the old and the new generation, and in Sokoto State in particular, the governor finds himself on either of the two sides. He is 52 years old, thereby caught in between! In the Nigerian political categorization of age, we don’t consider him old neither do we consider him young.

He is just ok! And that is where the dilemma lies. Hence, he is expected to serve as a bridge between these two generations. While some of the young people are pushing to come into the governing circle, some of the old are pushing hard to keep them out. The society that should be inclusive is rather reclusive.

One may begin to wonder why the older generation doesn’t want the younger generation to join the circle. It is simply for the reason that they don’t want to leave their old ways!  But when has there ever been progress without the new ways? Governor Tambuwal himself is a progressive politician who has found himself in a conservative society. Without him saying it, you can deduce that he is not really enjoying the things he had to go through to achieve one thing or another, but have no choice but to make compromises.

Recently, out of concern, The governor intervened in an ongoing crisis which involved the Youth in Sokoto State. He summoned a meeting which was held with his top key officials. Subsequently, one among them lamented that he does know why Governor Tambuwal has given the meeting such importance that he wants to sit with the concerned parties. Wow! Could he be insinuating that the youth are not important members of the society? Well, that is how we see it.

Anyhow, there is no surprise that he said that because he is simply thinking the old way. Thence, you could also conclude that indeed Governor Tambuwal is struggling to establish the new ways which some of them are heavily resisting. Probably it is among the reasons why the governor has kept his media aide Imam Imam on his team despite several complaints contesting that he is not a Sokoto State indigene. It all begins to makes sense now.

When you look at the given scenario, you could easily understand what is happening in everything else that is going on in the Tambuwal’s government. It is simply the challenge of change which comes with time. Therefore, the youth must play a significant role in ensuring that these progressive changes have come to place. One of the most dangerous situations that we have found ourselves today, is the fact that our political society has become divided, youth Vs the elderly instead of the youth and the elderly.

The situation if not changed could lead to further fragmentation of the society and youth insubordination. The youth are only eager to contribute towards the development of their societies by bringing on board new ideas. So far, so good, the governor is fairing fairly.

In the singular action of convening that meeting with the bunch of “yara” meaning “small boys” as some of them view it, Governor Tambuwal has demonstrated leadership, civility, regard and concern for his people, young and old alike.

– Shagari wrote in from Sokoto/LEADERSHIP.


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