Zone C APC Crises: Comrade Augustine Agada Lead Members To Meet With Ogbeh

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The recent crises that rock the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Benue South has informed the wise decision of this political icon, Comrade Austin Agada, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Benue State, to over the week led a delegation of Party (APC) council of chairmen across the Local government in Zone C to have a one- on- one chat with the Honourable Minister of Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbeh.

Receiving the delegation in his usual diplomatic manner, chief Ogbeh thanked the members for finding time t to pay him such visit. Theme of the visit was to address issues of the Zone and that of the Party (APC).

It was gathered that  the leader of the delegation, Comrade Agada told the Honorable minister chief  Ogbeh, that the reason for their visit was to inform him of the impending in the party ,particularly in zone c which if unattended to may degenerate to destruction of the party image, and the entire Benue South will be at the receiving end.

“We had come to Thank God and celebrate with you for the successful return of President Muhammad Buhari, after his 103 days medical vacation in
London, and also to appreciate God for His grace on you, distinguishing  yourself by continuing making the entire Benue South proud as the best performing Minister’,

‘secondly, is the perceived APC crisis in Benue South, in which the opposition in the State has been exploiting the misgivings and spreading propaganda and falsehood. Some mischief makers within the APC fold has bent in fomenting rancor among members, so as to destabilize the party before jetting out ,which will blow no man good in Benue South, and this is the time that your son Abah Yaro needed your fatherly counsel.As Ogbadibo which other parts of Benue South look unto, should not be seen rocking the “boat”, that would have sail the zone from her unfortunate preventable quagmire”, Agada said.

In his comment, the elder Statesman,who later chronicled his over 39 years experience in Politics opined that the problem of the party in Benue South, is not who is in power but poverty. Ogbeh, told the delegates that ,’when one takes a statistics of those doing menial jobs in Abuja, they are people from Benue South, because, there is poverty in our land, there is no factory, no industry, nor a virile economic venture. “We use to have a very rich people in Benue South but this has not translated into the creation of wealth with spill -over effects in the Zone’.

The people mentor (Ogbeh) further expressed his dissatisfaction over the alien culture prevailing in Idoma land, but advised that, the APC State Chairman should adopt diplomacy in steering the affairs of the Party at the State level. He also shared his experience as a National Party Chairman, and how integrity, and courage to take decisive right decisions, even at the face of turning down mind blowing offers, has greatly illuminated his credentials and has earned him good name, which is far better than anything money can give him.

Comrade Agada and the delegate appreciated the elder statesmen,chief Audu Ogbeh for not been stingy with his wisdom ,as a mentor.


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