Kumuyi To Speak As Deeper Life Annual Youth Success Camp Begins Nationwide

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By Ebriku John Friday, Abuja

The General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church (worldwide), Pastor William F. Kumuyi is set to minister as the 2017 annual National Youth Success Camp (NYSC) organized by the church begins nationwide.

Pastor Kumuyi, who is also the convener of the event, will speak as guest minister during the annual gathering of youths from Lagos, which will be transmitted to participants in all centres across the country. The theme of this year’s NYSC is, ‘Power for Unconquerable Youth’.

The five-day programme, which began on Tuesday, August 22 will end on Saturday, August 26.

Speaking on the theme of the programme, Pastor Olusegun Alabi, who double as the Middle-Belt zonal and FCT state youth coordinator, said the programme is organized to address the lack of will-power and the get-rich-quick syndrome that has endangered the lives of many youths and empower the youths to choose rightly and give them hope for a brighter future.

Adding that God will use the event to address the needs of participants academically, spiritually, socially and in all aspects of their life and that those who are sick can attend assuring that the power of God will be there to heal them.

He said, “The Success Camp this year has been planned and organized to help the youths have the power to be able to choose between right and wrong. Also if any youth want power over sin, satan, societal influence and situations and circumstances that are negative, the success camp is meant for them.

“Everything has been well planned and organized to tackle the circumstances that are affecting the youths negatively. That is why I use this medium to invite all youths to come over and attend. God is waiting for them and to meet them at the point of their needs.”

Speaking further Pastor Alabi said, we also know today that the youths have fear of the future, especially because of the economic situation of Nigeria now. They fear what will happen tomorrow. Many people have graduated from school and they are no jobs. And they are thinking ‘what will happen. Will I drop out of school and go and do another thing? Or even if I have the certificate, will I be able to make it?’

 Assuring the youths not to lose hope of what the future holds, he said, “I want to assure the youths that there is future for Nigeria. Get your certificate, before you finish, God has already provided job for you. Don’t lose hope in the society because God has plan for this nation.

 “Whatever may be happening now, is just for us to pray about it because God is taking us somewhere.”

“Having looked at the society which we are in, we discovered that what is lacking today, is the will power. Our youths don’t have the will power to choose between the right and the evil that is between good and bad.

“And the society that is characterized by the get rich-quick syndrome, where everybody wants to get rich quick, which has resulted to a lot of people dying pre-maturely, that is why you see a lot of young people rushing to America and other European countries by road, many have resort to prostitution, because they want to make it by all means.”


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