Nigeria Police, Morocco To Partner On Exchange Security Information

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By Ejike Ejike, Abuja

The Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Kpotun Idris, has commenced a four-day official visit to the Kingdom of Morocco in North Africa to seek collaboration and exchange security information.

The visit of the Nigerian Police Chief was at the instance of the Moroccan government,as well as pursuant to his vision for a safer and more secured Nigeria.

This visit to Morocco, which is the second since he became the IGP, is aimed at strengthening strategic Security relations between Morocco and Nigeria, for the benefit of both countries.‎

IGP Ibrahim is billed to hold myriad of bilateral discussions on training for better security.

On arrival in the Moroccan Capital, Rabat, on Monday, the first port of call of  the IGP  was the Directorate of the National police.

There, officials of the two countries exchanged their visions on cooperation and mutual exchange of security information, that target the fight against terrorism, financial crimes and human traficking.

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The IGP further toured other places such as laboratories of  cyber crime, computer devices,ballistic and fraud documents, as well as the laboratory for counterfeit currencies.

Meanwhile, this collaboration reflects the shared vision of the leaders of the two countries: President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria and King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

They are in favor of a sustainable, active and solidarity-based joint security development for the two countries.

Since the coming of Buhari to power, King Mohammed of Morocco has been very keen on seeing an improved bilateral relationship between Nigeria and Morocco.

In May this year, the two countries signed two bilateral agreements, one of which was the Joint Initiative on the Morocco-Nigeria Gas Regional Pipeline.



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